Why Is Tik-Tok Popular, Who Owns It, How Does It Makes Money : Everything The Users Of Tik-Tok Must Know


Tik-Tok is a popular social media application through which smartphone users can create and share small videos (up to 15 seconds). ‘Byte Dance’ is its owned company which launched ‘Tik-Tok’ in China in September 2016. The popularity of ‘Tik-Tok’ grew rapidly in the year 2018 and in October 2018, it became the most downloaded app in the US.

The popularity of Tik-Tok among Indians can be estimated from the fact that eight million people have reviewed it on the Google Play Store. India’s Tikk-Tok download rate is more than 100 million. The user cannot use his own voice while making videos in TiK-Tok application. The user has to ‘lip-sync’. Today in the year 2019, the value of Tik Tok is around $75 billion and is owned by 35 years old Zhang Yiming.

How Tik-Tok earns money?
The Tik-T application has several in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $99. In the year 2018, users spent $3.5 million on purchasing these in-application services in the form of TikTok coins. Tik-Tok even offers splash advertisement services for $150,000. Looking at its massive popularity, several firms choose Tik-Tok for promoting their services. Tik-Tok even makes money through its parent firms like Buzz video, TopBuzz and even owns a news portal.

Tik-Tok makes your life even more fun. You live every moment of life and find something new every now and then. You can give your video a new color with special effect filters, beauty effects, funny emoji stickers, and music. People who get Orange Tickets are verified users and are Popular Creators of Tik-Tok. Also, seeing the account also shows how many ‘hearts’ the user has received.

To make videos on this app, the user has to register himself. This registration can be done with the help of any other platform of social media (Facebook, email). After registration, the user can create his own choice of dialogue, singing, lip sing, etc. It can be made up to a maximum of 15 seconds of video. After making the video it can be shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. The user’s popularity also makes the user earn.