WhatsApp Recall Is Here (And You Don’t Need To Update Your App For This)!


WhatsApp’s latest and one of the most major feature: Recall, also being called Delete For Everyone, is now available to most of the WhatsApp users in India.

WhatsApp started rolling out the Recall on Friday morning to the rest of the world it is now seemingly reaching almost everyone else in India as well.

Moreover, the better part about it is that you don’t have to update your WhatsApp all over again to get it.

This year works on any recent version of WhatsApp and here’s everything you want to know about it:

The feature, as per its name, makes a user recall a message that he or she might have had sent by mistake and thereby deleting it.

Which also means that as soon as you delete a message in the chat window by using the Recall, it also gets deleted from the phone of the recipient. It is more or less similar to the undo feature of Gmail.

But, there is a catch: the feature is time-sensitive. Which implies you can only recall the message within 7 minutes of sending it.

If you try to enable Recall after the first 7 minutes of sending that message, you won’t be getting any such option.

So how does it work? Here’s how:

Go to the desired chat window and select the message or messages that you want to delete.

It is essential that the messages must have been sent in the last seven minutes before you’re opening up the chat box.

After selecting the message, tap on the regular “delete” or the “bin icon” on the top of the chat window.

Now you’ll be given three options-

1. Cancel: It will send you back to the chat window.

2. Delete for me: It will delete the message from your phone.

3. Delete for everyone: It will delete the message from everyone’s phone.

Once the desired message is deleted, you will get to see “This message was deleted” in grey text in the place where once the message was.

It is also interesting to note that you won’t be able to delete any message that you have forwarded or a message that is in quotes.

And the feature can be used even after the message was read or screenshotted but albeit when falling under the 7-minute window.