WeWork Set To Sack 4000 Employees


WeWork is all set to lay down its 30% of the total workforce which is around 400 employees. This plan has been proposed by Softbank which is a Japanese tech giant as it is all set to gain 80% of the stakes of wework which is around 8 billion. Softbank has also proposed to present Softbank has agreed to compensate wework with more than $10 billion.

Softbank has also granted to contribute $5 billion in funding and a tender proposal of up to $3 billion for subsisting shareholders, in addition to expediting a current $1.5 billion funding promise. The condition of We work will get improved by Softbank after its failed IPO launch. According to the reports, Adam Neumann will get assisted to trade up to $970 million in stock back to SoftBank, obtain a $500 million loan to pay a credit line and a $185 million fee for consulting for SoftBank.

Under the leadership of Adam Neumann in the company, WeWork was able to raise billions of dollars, balanced its co-working services to several cities around the globe, and was priced at an eye-popping $47 billion during one financing round. But also under his leadership, the startup flopped spectacularly in its effort to go public in large part. Its IPO paperwork exhibited the company’s unchecked power and various potential conflicts of interest, as well as WeWork’s tremendous losses.

Wework’s much-anticipated IPO scheme in August 2109 unveiled a huge $900 million loss in the first 6 months of 2019 and drew distress over its corporate governance systems. It is also reported that if the deal would not have taken place, We work would have been out of money in November. What was once supposed to be one of 2019′s most excited IPOs at a value of $47 billion has turned into a complete disaster and thus resulting in the removal of 30% of the wework’s workforce. According to the company officials, there would be further cut down of jobs.