Ways To Transform Yourself From Ordinary To Extraordinary


Making compromises in order to live an ordinary life is not a plan, in fact it can be completely dismissed as a plan. Also, no extraordinary thing just happens, you have to make it happen. You might be having an ordinary bank account, an ordinary car, an ordinary lifestyle and no remarkable skills but if you are on this page, we can take a wild guess that you are looking for something extraordinary in your life.

To be extraordinary, you need to make an effort each and every single day instead of sitting around and hoping for a miracle. If you are ready to go that extra mile then follow this amazing list to make a headstart on the journey of being an extraordinary human being.

• Care less about being right.

• Talk to your buddies.

• Stop being offended so easily.

• Have a plan.

• Offer to help for free.

• Value your own time.

• Enjoy others’ success.

• Let life happen around you.

• Say what’s on your mind.

• Work on your biggest weakness.

• Apologise when you are wrong.

• Be accountable.

• Replace No with No Thanks

• Exercise

Live life with Honour

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• Decide not to get angry

• Tell the truth

• Ask for help

• Do something Outrageous

• Ask more questions

• Practice for being vulnerable

• Fail gracefully

• Don’t be selfish

• Take risk

• Read like a maniac

• Get up an hour earlier

• If you have started a Task Don’t stop it before you finish

• Meditate

• Make a To-Do list every day and take action

• Have a dream

• Learn to Share your opinion especially when it is hard to do so

• Do physical labour

• Take a cold shower in the morning and hot shower 2 hours before going to bed

• Stop Making excuses

• Stop gossiping all the time

• Stop supporting politics

• Take your own responsibility

• Plan to be successful

• Use your Time more Efficiently

• Go to bed when You Are Tired