Tips That Will Help In Taking Control Of Your Life


Many of us ain’t in control of our lives, as we find things taking a different direction than what had actually been decided. Now, that is not a crisis as it is life, but there are ways in which we can ensure that we at least have the steering wheel in our hands, so that we know what direction are we Moving towards.

Hence, if you think that you need to take more control of your life and your current situation, then here are the tips which will help you:

1. See where you are stuck in life and accordingly, take action as that is the only solution. Do it, even if that means you getting out of your comfort zone.

2. Get a good night sleep. Avoid oversleeping and sleep for at least 8 hours. It refreshes your mind and improves your cognitive skills.

3. Write down your goals on a piece of a paper and declare that now you are in the game and ready to take on whatever comes. Put them on your phone’s screen or where ever you can see it again and again.

4. When you are stressed think of a positive or a good memory. This exercise will help you get your calm back within seconds.

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5. Don’t compromise when you strongly feel for something. Speak out where you need to or do what you think is right according to you.

6. Develop a love for learning. It could be martial arts, tap dancing or a new language. Stop saying I am too young or I am too old or I don’t have enough money to do this. Extract your resources.

7. Take action. More than anything else on this list is this point. Do not overthink and just do it. Yes, that is it. Just taking a strong step is a very important part. All talk and no action is worth nothing in life, if you don’t work hard and smart to achieve your goals.

8. Get close with your family and friends. Regularly spend quality time with your buddies. Go trekking or on a spontaneous road trip now and then.

9. Stop making excuses. This is the darkest side of making excuses. Take responsibility for your actions and make yourself vulnerable because that is where the real growth is.

10. Switch to your dream career. Acquire the skills you need to switch and make that jump.

11. Read like a maniac. Limit your social media surfing time or chilling on Netflix time.

12. Plan your day, a day before and your week, a week before.

13. Create your to-do list daily.

14. Your health comes first, take care of it.