Walmart Investigates Flipkart’s Agreement Lapses And Bribe Paid To Government Executives


In one of the primary extensions, famous US e-commerce company Walmart has reportedly started private inquiry to search into Flipkart’s administrative and agreement slips while establishing up accomplishment markets in India. The expansion is steering position after Walmart arose to grasp that Flipkart does not have the required permissions and licenses for its stockpiles. In a few instances, authority executives have been bribed off to provide the same, reported by some media houses. The agreement also came with severe problems over spurning FDI norms, looting pricing and other attention asked by merchants and sellers of the online marketplace portal.


The slips may justify expensive for the e-commerce firm as it will make them accountable under the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act). Walmart reportedly has put all other outlines like Logistics Park in Bengaluru on the grip and direct the failures quickly. It may be obvious for some of the Indian companies to understand industry jeopardy gathering from non-compliance, for US companies like Walmart, agreement with FCPA and other anti-corruption rules is a key preference, attached sources cited in the statement.


Flipkart had intended to get 100 acres of land for the plan. Once built, it is demanded to serve the state with jobs, rural expansion, growth in ancillary industries, sales, public funds, and individual income levels. By June, the first stage of the logistics park was assumed to be performed. Last year in May, Walmart had received a 77 percent stake in Flipkart for a large amount of $16 billion.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Flipkart Group, Rajneesh Kumar stated that the rumours are false and there is no inquiry whatsoever being done with concerns to accomplishment centres. We’re continuing as per the order and pleased with the growth on the site adoption process. In fact, we’re progressing well on our other large logistics hubs too in West Bengal as well in the region of NCR, he added.

Earlier in March 2018, the home-grown company had announced to build a logistics park, which will house numerous Flipkart Warehouses, will advance supply chain performance and reduce costs by deploying mechanized warehousing. It will also act as a cargo collection and shipping hub by leveraging technology for intelligent transportation systems.

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