Tips to boost your productivity at work and enjoy your work


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2 – Book uninterrupted time for one task

You sit down, start working on a task, then check your emails for a second. You see an email, but you don’t reply. Yet. You go back to that task.

Highly productive people know that multitasking is a lie and that there’s a cost to switching tasks constantly.

3 – Plan for tomorrow.
If you start your day without knowing what you want to accomplish, someone else is going to impose their agenda on you. Start with email, a meeting, Slack, and you’ve lost control of your day. Don’t start the day and do, plan the day and finish. Highly productive people plan their priority and tasks for the next day before wrapping today up. They know that deciding in the morning will erode their peak willpower and that if they don’t set their direction, someone else will.