Tips on rejecting offer letter in a polite way


Whenever you answer an interview and get job offers from more than one company, a thought that usually strikes your mind is which company to join and which to reject. Turning down the job offer is difficult as the company has invested lot time and efforts in the interview process.

Three managers discussing business plans in office 

In some cases, during the interview process, the team also involves you in the discussions regarding your job profile and your responsibilities. And at this stage most of the people find it difficult to decline the job offer.

Also, there are other reasons for declining the job offer. Those include you have received multiple offers and you are planning to take up the best opportunity in terms your career growth.

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Or else it can also happen that you have discovered something about the role, the company or your future manager due to which you are reconsidering the decision of joining the company.

Whenever you refuse your job offer, you need to follow the following tips carefully:

Always be prompt with your refusal

Procasitnating about telling the company never helps rather wastes your as well as the company’s time and the main thing is that it also looks unprofessional. Never wait until the last moment for dropping your letter so that both you and the company can move forward. In most of the cases the candidates tell the company on the joining date or just do not show up and when contacted, just give lame excuses regarding  joining. The best way is to tell the company about your joining or rejection well in advance.

Interview Questions

Never think mentally be diplomatic

The most important reason for your job refusal can be anything. It may be either less than satisfactory compensation or different positon than the one you have wished.

Also, you have an option of not revealing the exact reason of rejecting the offer and can tell the company that either you have decided to stay back or else accepted some other offer.

Always be respectful and express gratitude

Although, you have chosen to decline thrle offer the main fact is that they offer you the position in their own firm. So, you need to be thankful to them for offering you the position.

Send an email

Once you answer the face to face interview or a telephonic round, you need to send them an email. With this, it makes even the recruiter’s task little easy as there is no ambiguity that you are holding on for more salary negotiation.

Whenever you are in a situation of either accepting or rejecting the offer, follow this guide perfectely in order to make ypur task more easier.

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