Tips on How To Avoid Making a Bad Decision


Sometimes while taking any decision,either right or wrong, it can surely change your life. In this article we will be discussing the strategy that will surely prevent you from taking any wrong decision. At every point of life we have to take one decision and in turn you have to face the consequences. But, frankly speaking, one could never consider all the variables. It is like finding the 0.01 probability when the decision will turn into your favor.


Well, let us consider the two situations when we are just on the verge of making a bad decision.

1. When you need to decide just at the time.

Suppose, you are working in a company with full passion and at times, it was the work which was interesting you a lot, but now you lack interest in it and are planning badly to resign it. You decide to step out only when you are financially secure and also have some other exciting job offers in your hand but a day arrives wherein you have some tough fight with one of your colleagues and you plan to quit your job then and there. The anger within you just accelerates the fire burning within you.

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You do not care about financial security or getting any other job, you just want to quit. You just prepare your resignation and this is the worst decision you make. Whenever you make any decision in anger, there are chances that your decision will be surely wrong.  Now, what to do in such a situation? You need to save emotional trauma from clouding your fair judgment. You may feel like going for it like now or never. What do you do?


The best option in this situation is to take a break. Break will surely help you to calm your anger and make your mind cool. Nothing is going to change within the next 24 hours if you do not resign. You can even utilize the time to listen to take opinion from some one who actually cares about you. You decide to think about the pros and cons of your decision. That is the right way.

2. When you have thought about it well enough but still can’t decide.

As it is mentioned above, what do you do when you are not angry but you can’t assess all the variables affecting your decision? In this case, you need to listen to your gut. No need to take any extra time and rethink on the decision. You just listen what your mind says.

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