This Man Has Created The Most Amazing Resume Ever! He Got Job Without Any Interview!


For any job, you need a resume. The resume should look attractive and must create an impact on the person reading it. That’s why we also have to take care of how to make the resume. Some people are so creative that only they can see their resumes and people hire them. Today we are going to tell about such a person, who got a job through his unique resume.

You might be surprised to know that only good resumes can also get jobs. Today we are going to tell you about such a person who has given his unique resume to get job, without even giving an interview. The 21-year-old Sumukh Mehta created an impressive resume which made so-called Employers sitting in the London headquarters of GQ Magazine so much amazed that they gave him the job without even an interview. The interview of Sumukh Mehta was not taken up and seeing his resume he was put directly on the job.

In fact, Sumukh Mehta prepared the ’20 pages magazine-resume’ and sent it to the company. His 20-page magazine’s resume, sent to the marketing team, is completely different and never forgettable. Mehta has created a cover page of his resume. The whole layout looks like a magazine. In these 20 pages, he has written a lot about his experience, academic abilities, interests.

The editor-in-chief of GQ Magazine offered him work in the London headquarters. It took him 3 weeks for Sumukh to create it. For this, he took the help of photo shoot and graphic designing.