These Toxic Habits you need to ditch right now to be successful


Have you ever thought why people wish to go to places where less people have been to? Because they wish to wander and discover new places challenging their limits. Maximum time going out of the way is the best thing to do.

Check out this list of a few good habits one should adopt in life so as to achieve maximum potential.

Prioritise your comfort first:

If you have ever thought of climbing a mountain you would probably guess that your discomfort gave you the energy to climb and not your comfort zone. You might feel insecure and might doubt yourself but you still have to move on towards the direction you have to go.

Seeking perfection:

Nothing in this world is perfect and this is the beauty of it. If you are waiting for answers and you get those answers you would never be able to move ahead. This is what is called the art of not knowing how it works and still learning how to.

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Judging people:

You don’t know every rich man’s story and you definitely don’t know the condition of a poor man. Then why to judge them? Leave your judgments to yourself and move ahead.

Blaming or pointing fingers:

Pointing people and blaming your failure on them is a poor excuse. Stop pointing out others and take responsibilities of your own. This will make you vulnerable to the problems of the real world.

Having a Low opinion for yourself:

Not having a job and sitting back may make people annoyed and feel dreadful and that they cannot change their lives. You have to believe that you can do a lot of things and there are many things you can do, whether say it your own business or switching your career or it may be studying abroad, you can even be a travel writer. So there is plenty to do. You just need to initiate.

Stop saying “I am Waiting for” or “I wish”

If you are a kind if person who is always blaming the circumstances then you should know that there is nothing like I wish or i am waiting for the right time. One who wants to accomplish something he does it at any given cost.

Peer comparison:

Two people are not the same anyway and therefore it would be foolish if you will compare yourself with others. You don’t know how much time they would have taken to build their empire and what they took to reach their. So instead of comparing yourself to negativity you should focus on your target that you have set to accomplish.


We all want to learn good things from people around us but it doesn’t mean we should copy each and every thing they do. As said each person is different and they might have faced problems which you don’t know. So stop idiolizing each step and work according to the requirements.