These Are The Top 10 Places To Work In India, A Lot Of Which Are Technology & Online Companies


This time of the year is the Peak time when everybody is looking for a new job — that’s because of their appraisals have not gone too well.

Therefore, folks at LinkedIn have just come up with the 2018 report of Top Companies in India, places where people want to work.

According To LinkedIn’s analyses here is the list of top 10 companies where people want to work in. These happen to be the technology or online focused companies. Good news for all you techies?

Here are the top 10 companies of India 2018:-

1. Flipkart

2. Directi

3. PayTM (one97 Communications)

4. Amazon

5. Anheuser-Busch InBev

6. McKinsey & Company

7. Alphabet (Google)

8. KPMG India

9. EY

10. OYO

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Mobile internet companies and Homegrown tech companies Directi, One97 Communications Limited (Paytm) And Flipkart have occupied the top three spots on this year’s list, followed by Amazon in the #4 position that held the #2 spot for two consecutive years. Ola has dropped 11 spots from #5 in 2017 to #16 this year, and McKinsey & Company has jumped in from #24 to #6.

This year, more than 50% of the companies are new entrants to the list including Directi (#1), Anheuser-Busch InBev (#5), EY (#9) and Daimler AG (#11) that have given stiff competition to the usual top runners, Adobe (#12), Reliance Industries (#24), and Ola (#16), as per the report issued by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn specifies the Top Companies list is the only ranking of its kind in the industry to be based entirely on the actions of users. The world’s no. 1 professional network analyzed billions of data points generated by its 546+ million members around the world to come up with a blended score used to rank the winners in each geography. It looked at factors like company engagement, job demand, employees interest and retention while creating the Top Companies list.

As competition for jobseekers intensifies, LinkedIn claims that the Top Companies of 2018 have actively deployed employee-first strategies such as flexible hours, a good parental leave policy, and time-off to do more work for attracting and retaining good talent.