The two keys to Success in small business


While working with small organisations most people seem to think that for a successful business, one needs to be smart enough.

Belly and ears are the two keys to Success in small business.


You lack energy when their is no fire in the belly. If you are enthusiastic and passionate enough to overcome tough situations or setbacks, you wont get the grit which is needed for the long haul. Let us get a clearer view on this, if you are enthusiastic in the world of hardwork, then you are only left with hardwork. And the clients and associates notice these things the most.

This is a fact that people who have fire in their belly end up attaining success whereas the others give up on the early stage.


When you have ears you will have to listen to your clients and their queries. Clients have to tell a lot of things to you in terms of what you need and what is not needed. When a successful person earns he takes it as an opportunity to improve services, Introduce new features and to make a client for life.

You have the most necessary ingredients you need to flourish, if you enter small business with these two things going for you.

It’s not all that complicated: your belly and your ears play a great role in the journey of developing a small business. These qualities are important on daily basis. New franchisees come up inevitably against scenarios no one has expected. Its challenging for anybody to develop all the different skills – management, marketing, accounting, IT and more — required to make even a small franchise business thrive.

For Example:-

Judy is the embodiment of what it takes to succeed in small business – and perhaps in any endeavor. When she started her pizza place she was a young 20-something, who’d grown up on a farm and possessed the salt-of-the-earth work ethic found in people with that background. Judy knew she had a lot to learn about business and her pure enthusiasm motivated her to spend 17-hour days learning it. The fire in her belly was always burning, and I saw firsthand as a teenager how she used it on a daily basis to succeed and grow.

Today Judy’s small businesses isn’t so small. It went from a single pizza place to 10 locations.

This ain’t any complicated: your belly and your ears. If you enter a small business with these two things going for you, you have the most important ingredients you need to flourish.