Every Established Company Should Know The Price of Success


We are all made to have a belief that people who work the hardest are the most successful. The most rewards are deserved by the first to arrive and the last one to leave. People will only notice your contributions if you work the hardest.

Hard work is the price we pay for success.

With time you will notice that the harder you work the harder the work gets. You see the energy vanishing and your inspiration disappearing. You loose the lights of purpose and passion.

A great instance is the recent cultural controversy at Amazon. The claims made in the article is disputed by Bezos publicly but he himself wrote the company manifesto as one can work long, hard or smart but at Amazon.com one cannot choose one two out of three.

Constructive criticism

Companies should consider a new value exchange if they want to achieve sustainable peak performances. Organizations need to think about how they can engage employees more, making them contribute to organizational goals proactively. These answers are not available in a journal or archive. It depends on the culture of the company.

Any company culture should strive hard to bring healthy balance between new ideas and promoting teamwork.


In a company culture, care and empathy can coexist when there is honesty. Honesty can be delivered with respect. An organization can be very successful at the same time care about the people who contribute in generating the profits. When companies cater both they increase the potential of employees to contribute to both personal satisfaction and company goals.

Leaders who foster a company culture where everyone respects, learns and contributes individually recognize that success is beyond the salaries and the corner office. The health of the company depends on the health of the people within it.

So do you think the price of success is worth it? If you think not then step back and analyze what you do every day, how it contributes to the bigger picture and how it makes you feel. The best way to do a great work is to love what you do.