Story of Pawan Shetty Who Started As Door To Door Salesman Now Is the Director of Porsche India


By the end of 1990, Pawan Shetty had completed his graduation in commerce. He thought he would have an easier life but faced unexpected challenges.

Pawan had to take the responsibility of nursing a family member who was suffering from prolonged illness. Due to which he had to spend a lot of time home, not being able to look for a job. His condition remained the same for a year before he finally decided to leave the house to find a job.

He had a shy demeanor which is why he was hesitant to initiate conversations with strangers and had difficulty during such circumstances. But his situation made him break out of that comfort zone and forced him to do anything to get a job. With a lot of initial struggles, Pawan finally got hold of a job as a salesman in a financial firm. He started as a door to door salesman.

He explains that when he first saw an advertisement in the newspaper about a job he immediately applied for it, regardless of the fact that the job was going to be too difficult for him to manage. He had to go from door to door and talk people into buying the goods he was trying to sell, which was very uncomfortable for him. But he still pushed himself and worked hard. After six months, he thought of entering the banking sector.

He recalls that his biggest challenge in acquiring a job was that he was a generalized resource as he did not have expertise in a particular field. Thus decided to go for higher studies.

For this, he took the CET exam. He triumphantly secured 98th position and got an MBA degree from Sydenham College, Mumbai. After which he started working with Tata motors and later with Ford India as a salesman from 2007 to 2012. In 2012, Lamborghini came to India and Pawan was the first person to be employed there. He was successful in impressing his employers and never disappointed their selection of the first hire.

In the year 2016, he was appointed by Porsche India, which is one of the world’s premium automobile brands, as the director of the company. He has already reached great heights in his career starting from being a door to door salesman and now becoming the director of the company manufacturing the most expensive and luxuries cars racing on the streets of India.

(Photo Credit: DNA India, Autocar professional, Hindustan Times)