Some things you should keep in mind while dating a successful and independent woman


Now the year has changed! 2018 is the year of finer and better things. Now is the time when you have to let go all your old beliefs and ideas and concentrate more on looking at the world more objectively. A very progressive thing this year can be dating a successful woman. By using the word Successful women, I mean women who are already the breadwinners and are also bringing over the dough home.

The women of this era are getting involved in every sphere of life and are slowly taking over the world. If you are dating woman of this type then it is normal for you to feel the stress. The woman you are dating might be a successful business woman and happens to out-earn you then it’s normal for you to feel feeble.

Generally in the olden times Men were considered the breadwinners and women were supposed to take care of the household. But now is the time when women have started moving shoulder to shoulder with Men. Therefore one should be proud of this scenario and accept the situation with peace.

Here are some tips to date a working woman without feeling feeble

Never feel intimidated by whatever she does:

Rather getting intimidated you should always feel proud of what she has attained and how successful she is. Don’t neglect the fact that she wants some quality time with you. If the problem is that you cannot or don’t want to gift her something expensive you can play a clever game here. Be innovative with your gifting ideas. You can cook something for her or you can even take out topics of your expertise and share them with her.

Stop competing:

No one in a relationship is big or small, each one is equal. If you fear her success or you are always competing, it would not only tire you, but will also damage your relationship. Instead encourage her for doing well and show your support towards her. Always remember that she will always encourage you and support you in all possible ways she can.

Voice out your insecurities:

Instead of envying her achievements you should try finding out the reason for your insecurity. It can be because you have low self esteem or there may be some other reason. Before working on your insecurity issues you need to find out the reason of your insecurity first. Secondly if you are really uncomfortable about her paying the bills or buying you expensive gifts, you should voice out your concern.

It’s Absolutely Fine if she wants to pay:

Sometimes its fine when she pays her owns bills or yours too. In fact you should feel proud of her and her success. You should proudly accept that the woman you are dating is successful and independent.

Don’t stop being the Man:

If your woman is financially sound and can take care of herself does not mean you should stop putting your efforts. Bring your relationship into normalcy. Make plans, take care of her, offer to pick her up, take her for drives, open gates for her. Don’t stop your duty as a man.

Be financially sound:

There are a lot of ways of dealing with your financial situations. You opt for various investment plans and saving schemes. If she is earning well then she might have already started saving, its your time now.