Amazing Hack Tips That Would Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter!



Why use our smartphones in a dumb fashion when we can have another way out anytime. Here are a few awesome hacks that will make your suuroundings even more useful and smartphone even smarter:

1. Use A Battery Instead of A Stylus.

A battery is an excellent alternative to a stylus. Just one trick to ponder: Use the negative side of the battery for this.

2. Make Tripod With A Tape

The smartphone fits on the unfolded paperclip perfectly. Now we can watch videos without worrying that the phone will fall.

3. Clean Your Smartphone’s Ports With Syringes

Tired of seeing your ports untidy? Natural air can’t reach the narrow volume of USB ports and Headphone jacks. But air blew from a vacant syringe will get the job done for sure.

4. Make Your Own Lamp with EggShell.

Why buy a new lamp when you can just stick a half broken egg shell on the top of your phone’s flash and get a beautiful lighting almost equivalent to a night lamp.

5. Use Paper-Clips To Build Phone Holder

Now you can save your money from those expensive leather flip covers or phone stands and enjoy the movie without worrying about your phone falling suddenly.

This arrangement of paper clips will make your phone stand just like any other cell phone holder.