Singles Not Allowed In New Year Party In Hyderabad


Everyone knows the pain of being single in life. If you are from Hyderabad and planning to go to the New Year Party and are single, then there is a piece of bad news for you. The police department of Rachakonda in the city of Hyderabad has issued a circular to event organizers across the city, curbing the entry of both single men and women.

Entry will be given only to the couple and their friends. At the same time, the administration will also deal strictly with those who create nuisance in public during the event. The administration has become stricter after increasing the number of crimes in Hyderabad. The New year and Christmas party won’t get beyond 1 AM.

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year, the party at several places, including hotels, clubs, parks, residential colonies, and restaurants, is arranged. People who get drunk and drive will also have to face the consequences of the police. Rs 10,000 will be taken as a fine if found drunk while driving. Also, alcohol selling and consumption in the party venue has to be as per the general excise laws in the State and not be sold beyond the prescribed timings. Minors should not be served liquor, and any deviation will attract legal action. There should be no usage of firework in and around the venue.

Why Police Took Such Action?

After several crime incidents in the city, the administration is taking strict action on people. Moreover, the party organizers will have to maintain the sound level equal to or below 45 decibels. Also, they have got instructions to display a note at the venues stating details of the drunken-driving laws. Other vital things in circular included ensuring special parking arrangements installing CCTV at all the entry and exit points. Adequate number of security guards have to be appointed for ensuring more security.