New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Worth Making


Become rich, lose 20 pounds etc we do this every year. Let’s skip the lofty resolutions in 2018 which actually keeps you from achieving smaller and more attainable goals.

Here are some new year’s resolutions that are totally worth making.

Stretch daily

Start meditating daily.

Eat one green item every meal.

Start using reusable travel mug instead of disposable coffee mugs.

Learn a good joke

Drink more water.

Shop for a tack of cards, for the whole year around.

Always keep INR 1000 in your wallet.

Call your grandparents more often.

Only get magazines you will actually read.

Clean out your phone.

Always leave on time.

Reach out to an old friend to reminiscence about the good ol’ days.

Stop doing one thing that has no fun in it anymore.

Every night don’t forget to take your makeup off or wash your face.

Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night

30 minutes before your bedtime stop looking at your phone

Find a mentor

Forgive someone, you’re holding a grudge on.

Go on a solo trip

Spend 10 minutes daily on decluttering.

Take a step forward towards improving your finances.

Buy you some flowers

Leave your phone at home and go out for a meal

Promise yourself to never watch a crappy show

Go for an annual checkup

Listen to music or even dance for at least 10 minutes a day

Avoid the silent treatment from your relationship

Pick yourself a mantra for a motivational boost. “I am happy/grateful”, “I can make it happen”

Give up smoking if you smoke

Clean out your closet, toss or donate.

Unsubscribe from places you never wanted newsletters from in the first place.

Try cooking one new recipe every month

At least go meatless for one day.

Stop drinking bad wine

Draft a will

Take on a different route from your usuals get to know more of your surroundings and neighborhood.

Volunteer at least once a month

Try to be five times nicer

Use sunscreen

Go for more of dark chocolate

Call a friend more

Stop keeping track of things in life. Others may be doing good but you are doing the best you can for the same.

Get a massage

Set a “speak up at work more” goal

Floss everyday

Try out new looks

Read one new book every month

Remember to cut yourself some slack.