Sairee Chahal, Left Home At The Age Of 17 To Start SHEROES– A Community By The Women, For The Women, To The Women.


Establishing goals and achieving them are two various things.

Our attitude towards our work is what defines us. Especially, when you’re start working towards a community that can be controversial at many levels.

From your growth to your fall, everything is evident.

Sairee Chahal, left home at the age of 17 to start SHEROES– a women community.

SHEROES is an organization that works towards upliftment and empowerment of women. But finding this was not just another venture for her but also a journey of self-realization.

Sairee was just another small-town-girl from the town of Muzaffarnagar. She later moved to Delhi in pursuit of her dreams and never really took a break in her life.

She graduated from JNU and joined IMT, Ghaziabad, for her further studies.

In her early life, during her college, she started working as a freelancer with different embassies on a part-time basis with her knowledge of Russian language.

She moved on to work with a media firm which was an advertising and marketing magazine but later on realized that entrepreneurship is what she really wants to do.

So, after she met Deepak Kamran, an ex-mariner, and she opened her first entrepreneurial venture called Newslink, first company to solve a problem known as sailor’s depression.

She soon realized that she can’t stop with one thing. Newslink was a prominent step for her and she was as senior as anyone her age could be but she had to take it one level up.

This lead to the formation of SHEROES where her one and only focus was to support women in every way humanly possible.

She founded SHEROES with her own investment and now it is a full-fledged firm supporting women in all form possible with a 24-hour helpline and communities to resolve problems.

She works more on forming of community for, by and to the women.

SHEROES now is a network three million strong who  contribute to build a strong platform for fellow women.

On her take on her work, she says:

I just don’t know anything else.