Reignite fire in your dull life with these simple tips


At times life looks like a burden which you have to carry along throughout life and all thanks to ones lethargic Lifestyle. There are a plenty of reasons to feel like that. It may be because you are sick since a long period, being surrounded with soul sucking friends or simply having nothing to look forward to in life.

What so ever may be the reason but remember, it’s you who can bring that fire back in your life. Check out these ways to bring back that excitement in your life.

Stay strong-

Always stay strong whatever may be the reason. Also if you have decided to do something, remember to stay strong and face it with vigour. You have to be strong as you can be.

Make trekking a habit-

Simply go and trek if your energy supply feels depleted. Go in to hills, detach yourself from this technological world. Check your limits and you will see your energy rising up.

Aim High-

Don’t settle for less when your heart says no for it. Never settle for career options when you know you can do it by working hard.

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Own up to it-

When come across a problem, be brave to fight against it no matter how big the problem is. Working under a leader and performing tasks as ordered is very easy. But being a leader and taking responsibility is challenging. Learn to take one.

Read Books-

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk and many other global leaders read a lot of books. It is one of their biggest source of information and it should be yours as well. Not much of time but give at least 1 hour to read books.

Get Proactive and Intensional-

Jott down your long term and short term goals. Once you incorporate this in your routine you will surely be successful.

Rephrase your language-

Instead of being negative be positive. Use phrases like “I Am stronger than this” “i can”, “I Believe”. And not phrases like “I Can’t”.

Deal With Your Problems-

When a challenge comes your way never try to find a way around it, rather treat it like an Opportunity in disguise. Deal with your problems strongly, even if it seems inconvenient and uncomfortable for sometime.

Create Something-

Take long walks and bring ideas and write them down. Invest yourself in creating something new and different which will give you a new purpose.

Self care-

You need to start treating your body and mind with a little more care. Example:- start with getting up early in the morning and thereon exercise for a while, have a yummy breakfast and a healthy conversation with your family and meditate. Easy and general things that can give your body and mind the right boost it needs.