Quick Tips That Will Better Your Time Management


Waste of time should be declared an offence. Time the most precious currency you can ever have, and not utilizing it only makes you either stupid or just less evolved.

Here are some quick tips that will come in handy for your time management:

Maintain Rationality

Realize the truth about time management- that it has to be done with proper logic and skill set. You need to create your own routines and then proceed with time management.

List Your Wasted Time

Pinpoint moments where you’re wasting time. These are those moments when you are the most unproductive. Kill these with obtaining some good hobbies or learning new skills.


Be Scalable, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Transforming in your nature. Come up with realistic and doable goals. You can simplify it by noting down your prime strengths and weaknesses.

Keep Things Handy

Augment your plans with handy tools. Like, when scheduled for a meeting keep your notepad and pen nearby and pre-positioned.

Be committed

Stay focused on your intended goals. Don’t diverge. There can be distractions and there is nothing wrong with it. But, control your intuitions and follow the path you were meant to.


Establish familiar habits and stick to them. Productive habits like drawing, singing, writing or reading will boost your skill and knowledge base and in turn, will help you obtain greater heights in future.

Make Organization A Priority

No, not just the firm you work in, but the organised way of doing things. Do your daily day work and schedule them, in an organised manner. Kep things at certain places so that you can get them ASAP when needed.

Wait But Don’t Waste

Use your waiting time in a productive way- while you wait, do something that will enhance your time and add some quality to it. Like, when waiting for a job interview, read something on the web that might add value to the forthcoming process. Don’t waste it wandering in the corporate lobby.