Prabhas Was Broke For 5 Years Now His Movie Baahubali Earns Rs 600 Cr In A Week!


Baahubali is considered as a perfection in India’s cinema and the gigantic number of fans has made it a desi version of craze similar to the movies and series like Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings etc.

In just five days of the release of the movie, it has made more than Rs 600 crore making it one of the top-grossing Indian movies of all times. However, there are very few who knew that Prabhas, the lead in the movie, was broke during the whole time of the movie being shot.

It is shocking but such incredible sacrifices are more likely to achieve a blockbuster success. The struggle of Prabhas was shared by the director, SS Rajamouli in an interview for a leading news channel. After Prabhas had three consecutive hits, many producers approached him to cast him in their movies but he was very much dedicated to Baahubali so he rejected all the offers.

This decision implied that Prabhas had no money sources till Baahubali would release. He was not paid for the first part of the movie and rejected any movie that used to come his way. He was concentrated on Baahubali for 5 years. He even rejected a TV commercial that was offering him a sum of Rs 10 crore. He had instructed his manager to not demand anything from the producers and not to take anything they offer.

He was stressed about money and there was a flood of producers, cash and offers at his place which made him panic and call the director for advice. However his struggle paid off and the level of commitment he showed for Baahubali must receive high applause from all the viewers of the movie, as there are only a few who know the efforts that have taken place behind the screen to create this triumphant movie.

(Photo Credit: Desimartini, Bollywood Bubble, Movie gallery)