Powerful Quotes From Billionaire Richard Branson To Make You Successful


Richard Branson, the Virgin Group founder has gone through failure to passion to building opportunities. He has so much knowledge to impart on an entrepreneurial basis. It’s because he has done a variety of entrepreneurship.

He launched Virgin in his early 20s which grew into a massively lucrative business. It oversees more than 400 companies across the globe. Passion and risk-taking drive is his motivation to succeed. This genius entrepreneur has not just built an empire but also spends his life helping others, trying to fly people to outer space and enjoying every moment.

These days, Branson has been working on Virgin Unite his nonprofit foundation. He meets and supports people who strive for Virgin Group or maybe you will find him taking a quick windsurf with Barack Obama.

Here are eight powerful quotes from Branson that will motivate you to change the world around you and be successful in your endeavors.

About opportunities

Always keep looking for opportunities and don’t lose hope on them.

About making mistakes

One doesn’t have a guide that we can follow to never make mistakes and always find success. The world would be a better place if one did. But it is all about failing, standing back, bouncing back and again trying to achieve by learning the mistakes you made previously.

For motivation

Isn’t this incentive powerful enough? The billionaire himself asking you to not give up on your dreams but transition it into something that will prove to be lucrative.

On collaboration

Richard couldn’t have reached so far without the support, teamwork, and efforts of the people he has a connection or he collaborated with.

On success

Regretting won’t help you in the future the achievements however have and will help you for your bright future.

On creativity

Felt isolated for being called different, weird or felt messed because no one understands you, mind these words from the successful man himself.

On Empowerment

Confidence and trust in one’s own abilities are enough to bring the necessary changes in life.

On failure

When you face fear with courage you earn the respect and support of the people standing by you.

(Photo credit: successstory)