People Of India May Be Able To Vote Online In Future Elections


In India, today there is an immense discussion going concerning whether to use Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in voting. What is startling is the absence of technical debate around the modern voting technologies implemented in other countries. EVM is also a technology which has been in use in India for more than 2 decades. Technology has advanced substantially in the last two decades, but somehow people and politicians in India are ignoring that. 

In order to tackle this situation, the government of India has now certified Right2Vote’s online voting portal for security, functionality, and quality. The government of India itself made it mandatory under The New Companies Act 2013 for all registered companies to provide e-Voting facility to part-owner way back in 2014.

Right2Vote Infotech private limited has built the most advanced and ‘made for India’ Mobile Verified Voting Platform. The program uses Aadhaar for verification. This is India’s happening to leap-frog straight from EVMs to Mobile Voting. By this technology, people in India will be able to vote just by sitting in their homes in the nearby future.

Aadhaar based e-Verification (Mobile Verification) ensures better verification without any human intervention. Currently, the government of India allocates more than Rs. 35000 crore for the elections of Lok Sabha. A huge part of the cost is for establishing up around 9,30,000 polling booths and arranging workers across the country. This e-voting technology can help decrease the price in the nearby future. This technology is also likely to help the NRI people and will fully support the basic “right to vote.”

Countries like Estonia has achieved a system of the online voting way back in the year 2005. Consequently, online voting is nothing different. India has been using virtual voting technology for equally critical projects like banking, aeronautics, stock exchange, defence network etc.

Mobile Voting is the logical succession for our largest democratic system of India and it’s the high time our Election Commission to embrace it. India is the only country to have developed an advanced digital database like Aadhaar and hence can influence the voting reconstruction. Right2Vote’s mobile verified voting platform is made for India technology which has been created keeping in mind all the difficulties different from this vast and different country.