Orkut Is Making A Comeback Albeit With A New Name!


According to a fresh news published in one of the leading tech portals has revealed that founder and creator of Orkut.com, Orkut Buyukkokten is preparing to launch his new app-based social media platform under the brand name Hello in a forthcoming couple of months in India.

It was reported that currently, the beta version of the Hello platform is available in the country.

Speaking at the event of ‘Hello’ unveiling Mr Orkut said:

This new venture connects people who share the same interests and passions and provides a place for authentic communication.

Founded on 24 January 2004, Orkut was one of the first and most popular social networking website available in late 2000s and was developed by Orkut Buyukkokten.

He developed it as an independent project while simultaneously he was working at Google. Although, in a shocking decision Google had decided to shut down the Orkut service worldwide and presented the world its own similar Google Plus social network. Moreover, it was also a strategic step because Orkut wasn’t generating ample revenues for its sustainability.

Expressing about the Hello social media platform, it was commenced by Mr Orkut Buyukkokten as a small firm with his colleagues and also ex-Google engineers and friends.

According to a report:

The team of Hello has now grown up to around 20 active members while it also has many big investors which include Google as well. Also, the company is based in San Francisco.

The social media app is currently available in around 12 countries including New Zealand, Canada and Brazil which will be growing more in coming days. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

The Orkut founder feels that in this connected and dynamic world of technology, it’s important to be active on social media platforms and Hello will surely give you and independent access to broadcasting content, privately messaging along with anonymously sharing one’s opinion on various active discussion groups.

He also said :

If you look at the Indian culture, people are so connected. There is a sense of togetherness and we are bringing that togetherness that we see in our daily lives in Hello.

Going by the facts and studies, according to Boston Consulting Group, India is expected to have more than 850 million online users by the end of 2025, more than the combined population of the G7 countries (USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, UK, France and Canada).

Therefore, the business of social media platforms are also supposed to grow with twice the speed with numerous entrepreneurs and tech experts spending in this field.