Murtaza A. Hamid A Mumbai Based Businessman Wishes To Donate 110 Crores To The Families Of Pulwama Attack Soldiers


A person from Kota has expressed his desire to donate an amount of Rs.110 million from his taxable income for the welfare of the martyred soldiers in the Pulwama attack. This horrific attack took place on 14th February in which India took down F16 aircraft of Pakistan. Murtaza A. Hamid who expressed this wish is blind from birth. At present, he lives in Mumbai and wishes to meet his idol, Narendra Modi.

Murtaza A. Hamid is blind from birth. Hamid has graduated from the Government College of Kota from the Department of Commerce. He is currently working as a Research and Scientist in Mumbai. He is currently 44 years old and working as a Researcher and Scientist in Mumbai. Hamid has expressed his desire to donate Rs 110 crore to the families of the martyred soldiers. Hamid has also sent an e-mail to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for which he has written that he wants to meet PM Modi and want to further proceed to donate the amount.

During a conversation with the media, Hamid said that the help of those who have sacrificed their lives for our motherland should be in the blood of every citizen of the country.

Another astonishing thing about him is that he has claimed that he has invented Fuel Burn Radiation Technology, with the help of which any material can be found without the help of a camera or GPS. Hamid also claimed that he had offered to submit this proposal to the government and the National Highway Authority at no cost in 2016, but its approval was found in 2018. At the same time, he is still waiting for the next step.

Asked about his tendency towards science and technology, despite being a graduate of Commerce, Hamid told that a gas station in Jaipur located in the year 2010 had a fire. This incident inspired him to expand his horizon of thinking and investigation. He wanted to know that when a person is talking on the phone in a petrol pump, then what is the reason of catching fire? In this direction, he tried to know all the reasons, after which the fuel burn radiation technology was invented. However, Hamid also regrets that if his discovery was recognized by the government at the time, the horrific attack like Pulwama could be delayed. Earlier people of India have come forward to donate the amount to the martyr’s families via different methods.