Messenger Introduces In-App Call Switching In Its Newest Update!


Facebook has been on a slew of updates recently. And, recently, it rolled out a new feature in both iOS and Android apps that can allow users to add more friends and family members to a live audio and video chats in Messenger.

With the update, users need not hang up and manually add people to a conversation before restarting the call. These can prove to be an intuitive feature to many of users. The feature will make their video-calling experience better and more enjoyable than ever.

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We’re excited to share a small new feature that will hopefully have a big impact to make your video and audio chats easier and faster than ever.

-Sarah Morris, the Product Manager of Messenger, wrote in a blog post on Wednesday.

Earlier, to turn a one-on-one video or audio chat into a group chat, users had to hang up, start a new conversation from your inbox- either by creating an entirely new message or by searching for an old one- and then turn that conversation into a call.

While in a video chat or on a voice call in messenger, tap the screen, select the add person icon and choose who you want to join. By this people can now make most of the video-call feature without compromising on quality or multi-usability of the app.

All the filters and effects would be available and after the chat ends, a group chat is created automatically in a user’s inbox. This again will enhance the user experience and will let users utilize the productivity of the app. The feature will also let users make use of AI integration iPhone 8 or above devices running Android Oreo 8.0.

The feature though won’t be firm-rolled and auto-updatable. Users need to download the latest version of Messenger from Play Store or App Store to get the feature.