Meet David Knopf, Who Has Become the Youngest Ever CFO of Heinz at the Age of Just 29!


David Knopf, the 29 years old business person has now become a part of world corporate history as he is now named as the youngest CFO of the American food-industry giant Kraft Heinz.

The same company which makes its best-selling Heinz ketchup reported that Knopf would replace 42-year-old Paulo Basilio and would start his tenure as the CFO in October 2017. Basilio will remain associated with the company as the president of the national business, while COO George Zoghbi will also join a new role as his strategic advisor.

This top-of-the-line shuffle is reported to be an attempt to revive the company’s sluggish sales. 

But, the most important person of the hour, is its new CFO. So, let’s find out a few facts that we must know about David Knopf and what makes him stand apart in the gruesome world corporate realm.

1. Knopf is Heinz’s youngest-ever CFO

David Knopf is only 29 years old. That makes Knopf even younger than the topper of the Youngest Fortune 500 CEOs list: Mark Zuckerberg, who is now 33.
However, the youngest CFO ever in world corporate is still Nolan Watson who became the CFO of Silver Wheaton in 2006 at just 26.

2. Knopf graduated from Princeton and has worked as a banking analyst.

Knopf maintains a neat LinkedIn profile which clearly states that he has graduated Princeton University in 2010 and then went to work as an investment banking analyst for Goldman Sachs.

3. Knopf had joined Kraft Heinz in 2015

Knopf joined the Kraft Heinz in July 2015 after the merger of Heinz and Kraft. He joined as the vice president of finance. Due to Knobf’s contribution, Kraft Heinz was since then, backed by the famous investor Warren Buffet.

4. Knopf was featured on a major Forbes list

In 2017, Knopf was also nominated and featured on the Forbes’ Top Under 30 Finance list for his role in the 3G-led $11 billion Burger King-Tim Hortons acquisition and Heinz’s $45 billion mergers with Kraft.

(Image Credits: LinkedIn, Various)