Meet Chiki Sarkar- Her Insights on Relevance of E-Books and Online Content In Today’s Society


In today’s modern world, the relevance of content can’t be stressed enough – it’s deeply seeded in every industry and sector.

With over 200 million Indians on smartphones already, almost every other business is online.

And Chiki Sarkar has bought the publishing business into this field. Juggernaut publishes E-Books which makes the titles available right at the tap of readers’ fingers in almost no time.

She says-

Be it fashion or food, a touch on the screen takes care of everything.

The content business in India is going through a radical change. Readers are transitioning from books to e-books and a completely new segment has come into play with the advent of blogging and ebook circulation.

Chiki Sarkar, formerly a publisher of Penguin Random House, is among those who realized the value of utilizing technology in publishing and get a competitive advantage thereby.

Today, Juggernaut Books, is changing the way Indians interact with and read books.

Chiki says-

In the creative business, we have more flops than hits. There is no assurance of success in publishing. The key to great content is a great idea. Therefore we hold Ideas Meeting where we discuss many ideas which have the potential to get published every Monday.

She adds- 

At Juggernaut, we don’t wait for the book to come to you, we make the book happen.

She also stresses the importance of marketing. She says-

Writing a book is just one step. One of the most important is marketing of its content. We do that a lot!

Today Juggernaut Publishing has published over 30 major titles and is even expanding. And we wish the growing start up all the best!