From An Infant Capital Investment Of Just Rs. 10,000 To Crores Of Revenue: A Manyavar Story!


It is not possible that you don’t kow Manyavar until you are living a rock reef since 2008. But still, for the record- Manyavar is a men’s ethnic wear brand established by businessperson Ravi Modi in 1999 beneath his troop Vedanta Fashions. It offers Sherwanis, Kurtas, and Indo-western wear for men.

The brand sprang with a 150 sq feet shop in Kolkata and has now extended to aloft 350 stores across 180 cities in India and abroad.

The brand initially started with a base amount of Rs. 10,350 to be accurate with just one mini store but later it caused to rise in 2001 by supplying to different Multi-Brand Outlets (MBOs). It was in 2008 though that the second Exclusive Brand Outlet store was propelled as a result of low real estate prices that were hardheaded due to an economic slowdown.

The brand has since opened 2 stores every week in a proportion. In 2012, the brand launched its 200th store in Delhi traversing over 21,000 sq. ft. In 2014, it opened its second largest store in Lower Parel, Mumbai of about 16,000 sq. ft.

The brand promotion of this brand has also played a key role in its success. Given that, Manyawar is represented by Virat Kohli himself!

But according to Modi, Manyavar doesn’t believe in brand promotions and the concept of brand ambassador:

See, we don’t believe in the concept of ‘brand ambassador’. Because it was a fan moment, we signed him. Because Virat is larger than life. He has really inspired us. And he’s had a big impact on our business too.

-said, Ravi Modi.

Manyavar was a key sponsor of three teams in Indian Premier League: Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils, Hyderabad Sunrisers. Every season key players from these teams were seen wearing Manyavar outfits for advertisements. Promotion through IPL has really benefited the organization in terms of brand awareness.

The brand was also a title sponsor for the Bangladesh football league for the 2014-2015 season.

Manas, a foundation roused by Ravi Modi is a social organization that supports heart surgeries for the less privileged. The organization also advocates to run multiple schools through EKAL as well as supports the tribal community by providing medical and financial relief.

Also, Manyavar is known for not giving any discounts, upon which Ravi once said-

We take pride in the fact that we don’t offer any discount. We feel the concept cheats your loyal customers — offering something for Rs 1,000 and then at Rs 500 to others, we don’t believe in that. In spite of that, our dead stock is less than two percent. We track customer demands very efficiently, with data, technology, analytics — the idea is not to push anything to the customer, rather study nationally and geographically what is required.

So, until now Manyavar has travelled a long way- from an inception with mere Rs. 10,000, Manyvar today is a humongous name that dominates ethnic wear segment of Indian apparel market. And, what we can take out of its success that a success story can be immediate, given that you have shot your arrows in the right direction!