Are Leaders Born or Are They Made


The people, who wish to head up a team or company, represent a movement or volunteer to make others achieve greatness the question of whether leaders are born or are they made becomes vital.

There are some who believe that leaders are born with the innate capability to influence, naturally charismatic and inspire people in their path. As much truth it is in it that certain people are born with the leadership skills just like any other talent, there is an even absolute possibility of cultivating the leadership characteristics and skills.

According to the legendary American football coach, Vince Lombardi, leaders are not born but made, with hard work.

No matter if you already possess some of the skills or not, working hard becomes essential if you want to become a leader and develop the characteristics of the great leaders.

Below are some specific characteristics essential to become a great leader and learn how anyone can work on developing them for their career.

Clear and Achievable goals

A true leader has the capacity to build a big and achievable vision and turn it into reality. They then inspire and motivate their team into achieving that goal. The goals are clear to communicate to others.

How anyone can work on this is by setting small goals for you. Jot it down or make lists of it and be specific. Either you set small goals or have a big vision which you can then break down into smaller goals like steps to then reach your ultimate vision. Practice this by setting more goals and helping yourself to attain them. The more you practice the more you will be able to lead others to do it in the long run.

Influence and Inspire

Work and success as a leader are not solely dependent on you. A good leader is capable of uniting his team and guiding them towards achieving the shared goals.

You can practice when you talk to someone about your idea that you have put together. For example, while pitching to your boss about a new approach or process; or while bringing in a new project to your team. Before talking take some time to gently plan out the way you are going to present the idea that can get them emotionally connected to your idea as well as convince them that it is achievable with reasonable and tactical steps.

Practice by sharing your ideas or thoughts with your mentor or friends to refine your skills.

Capacity to Adapt

Change is inevitable and a good leader knows how to manage work and life in such times. The uncertainty doesn’t make them slow down but to become more adaptable, decisive and inventive. Consider it as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate others how they can rely on you to take appropriate decisions quickly.

When a situation changes try not be stressed by it, make yourself accustomed to certain situations. Look for constantly putting yourself in certain situations such as being in an organization that is known for innovating or always has a brand new project.

Make yourself comfortable in certain situations so that you are able to present your inventiveness in times of change and show your capacity to adapt.

Willingness to Accept Any Responsibility

You need to take responsibility not just for yourself and your work but for the attitude, work, and achievements of others too. You need to not just guide them with work but also encourage them, clear their doubt, motivate them and track their progress. If they succeed you succeed and same goes for failures.

You can practice this skill even if you work with only one other person. You have endless opportunities such as team projects and client campaigns. Even during regular staff meetings, you can ask how you can be of help, offer support, and try to answer questions.

Try to own up to your mistakes. Take responsibility and apologize when you have to. Bring solutions and figure out ways to not make the similar mistakes in the future.

Desire to Learn and Grow

There should be a constant desire in you to always learn and develop. It grows your intellect and professional efficiency. Leaders are always the curious ones and very open minded.

Just by learning how to be a leader you are starting off great. Participate in any programs that your organization offers to help employees grow. Or approach any leader to learn things from them or even find a mentor. Learn new things through books, podcasts and the internet in your free time.


Regardless of whether you consider yourself born with the talent or not, nurturing the skills every day helps you develop in a personal and professional way.