From A Kenyan Village To One of The Richest Asians Alive: Vijay Patel, CEO Of Waymade Healthcare


Vijay Patel has recently been positioned as the 14th richest Asian in Britain. It is a fruit of extreme hard labor that the man has put in running his self-established private pharmaceutical company called the Waymade Healthcare.

Vijay has been the son of a timber merchant and today he has incurred a fortune of almost £500 million.

As any rag to rich, Vijay was also was not born with a silver spoon in mouth. Rather, he was born in a poor Gujarati family in a Kenyan village.

The entire family used to bite the dust and work out there each day for a quality life and lived in a small room of 10×10.

To make his difficult life even heavier, Vijay lost his father at the soft age of 5.

After father’s death, Patel and his brothers were brought up by their mother. After the completion of primary education, Patel decided to work as a waiter to support the economic situation of the family. And despite the prevalent financial hurdles, Patel successfully completed his high school education.

Patel soon realized that education can be only the way to swim out of the then-present difficulties. So he headed to the UK for further education at the age of 16.

In the next few years, Patel successfully completed his graduation in pharmacy from the De Montfort University and then, he was offered a job at Boots.

That was where he did learn about the self establishment of a business and running the same.

After a year, he sought bank loans to start a business by himself but naturally failed due to lack of credibility.

However, that was not a stopper for the man of highest determinations. He opened his first pharmacy named Waymade Helathcare in the mid-1970s using a small sum of money provided by his uncle. His first retail store was opened in 1975 and then his business started expanding slowly.

As one of his brothers also came on board he started expanding his chain and after several years of hard work and about, he was able to expand his businesses in several continents including Europe, Australia, America and New Zealand.

In next six months, the business rolled globally and was a major success.

Today Vijay has a property valued of a rough INR 5300 crores.

Vijay Patel has now come a long way indeed and his journey from a Kenyan village boy to become one of the richest Asians is the final statement of how a strong will to survive and succeed can make you invincible.