Here’s What You Can Expect From Apple iPhone SE 2!


The iPhone SE was basically 6s in a 5s body. It was priced at Rs. 39000 in India which was much less than the rudimentary price of the older gen iPhones in India at that time.

The Indian market had a definite share of society that flourished to buy a new iPhone while the rest of the population resorted to Android devices acknowledgements to its wider availability and cheaper price tag, with of course a higher set of features with an open-source ecosystem.

The iPhone SE was also groundbreaking for Apple India because it was the first iPhone that was manufactured in India. This eased Apple to keep the price of the iPhone SE much lower than its forerunners.

However, iPhone SE lineup was not invigorated in 2017 and instead, Apple launched three brand-new iPhones later in the year in September. The iPhone X being the most meaningful of the three. And, ever since the launch event in September, there have been hoaxes that the SE lineup will see a new emphasis in March 2018 with a comprehensive design overhaul.


While the original iPhone SE was implicative of the past, the iPhone SE 2 will embody the present and what the future holds for the compact lineup of iPhones. There has been concept renders of the iPhone SE 2 which fancy an iPhone X-like design in the shape of the iPhone SE. A few months before, an image from Weibo exhibited a glass back panel of the iPhone SE 2.

This would make sense for Apple as the new iPhones launched in 2017 have a glass back panel to enable wireless charging. With a glass sandwich design for the iPhone SE 2, it will fit seamlessly into the iPhone lineup.

USP of the iPhone SE lineup is its compact look and feel without compromising on hardware. Apple could go with a nearly bezel-less design for the iPhone SE 2 and incorporate Face ID since the company has already hinted at phasing out Touch ID in favour of its facial recognition technology.


Just like the iPhone SE had the chipset from the then current flagship device, the iPhone SE 2 could be powered by the A11 Bionic chip as well. Other iPhone features like wireless charging could also make its way to the iPhone SE 2. While the concept video of the iPhone SE 2 shows off a dual-camera setup at the back, Apple might retain the single-camera setup especially if the device will be incorporating Face ID.


The main factor which will decide whether the iPhone SE 2 will succeed or not, especially in a market like India will be the price. Unlike all other iPhones, the iPhone SE is manufactured in India in Apple’s Bengaluru plant. The iPhone SE 2will also be manufactured in India which means that unlike the iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the price of the iPhone SE 2 in India will not be inflated and might launch in the sub-35K price bracket.

The smartphone market doesn’t have many compact flagship phones and the iPhone SE 2 might fit the bill perfectly.

Meanwhile, have a look at the entire concept video: