Humble leadership: why humility matters for managers


Humility may not be the foremost thing to think about when you think of leadership and it’s skills. But according to the studies humility is considered one of the most important characteristic of leadership. People practicing humility engenders trust, empower their subordinates and assume failures as challenges and engage into developing team spirit.  All these would make people happy that would make people happy that would lead to efficiency in work.

This quality has the similar influence regardless of nationality and gender. Some people refer humility as their weak point, but the experts say that humility is something which makes us realize about the strengths and weaknesses. It has been also assumed that leaders are more into their team and the team goals rather than themselves.

According to a study carried out a few years back included humility and confidence as the qualities of leadership.

Developing humility while maintaining confidence-

The main key to developing humility is the toughest to enact and easy to explain. The foremost step is accepting and loving all your strengths and talents. The second step includes learning through painful overwhelming experiences. Every person goes through a tough time while in their career. But the best way to deal with it is to deal with such circumstances with an open mind and a desire to learn.

Also while in a meeting, a client questions about something and you having faced that problem and still letting the other team members speak is a tough job. But it’s the responsibility of the leader to give everybody a chance and exposure to gain confidence. This would also let the leaders relax, sit back and have a check on issues.

Demonstrating humility:

Leaders who demonstrate humility hold individuals accountable, have difficult conversations and make tough choices. They are the role models, seeking the bigger purpose above the self seeking approach. Now these are types of leaders for whom people might jump of the cliff.