HPCL To Manufacture Lighter, Reliable Fiber LPG Cylinders In India


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is all determined to manufacture unique, innovative colorful LPG (domestic cooking gas) cylinders shortly over India in just a couple of months. These newly designed LPG cylinders are made up of fiber and are composite cylinders for handling them lightly and easily when compared to the current heavy steel cylinders.

These newly designed cylinders by HPCL will be available with numerous safety standards and will be quite safer too. The existing metal cylinders store around 14.2kg of LPG. However, these cylinders will be available in different LPG capacity i.e 2kg, 5kg, and 10kg. These newly designed cylinders are, nevertheless, assumed to be more costly than the existing cylinders. Also, in order to get this convenient cylinder, the users will have to spend around Rs. 1,000 and also have to exchange their old, steel cylinders.

HPCL tweeted “The ओJAS range by is light-weight, composite cylinders for the consumers’ “cooking needs. These are easy-to-use and a more convenient alternative to the regular metal cylinders.” HPCL in a Facebook post declared that they have started the “OJAS” composite LPG cylinders for cooking. Further, these cylinders are based on modern design and concept and appear with an enhanced design which is perfectly safe to use.

According to Natural Gas Ministry and HPCL, these composite LPG cylinders are completely safe for use and does not explode even when catches fire. These modern cylinders are launched after so many years of delay but now will be available in every house in just a few months. However, the cost of these cylinders can be a problem but one should definitely not ignore the safety standards and measures coming with it.

These smart composite LPG cylinders are much better in terms of safety when compared to the current metal cylinders. Because of fiberglass technology these cylinders do not catch fire even when engulfed by fire.

The current price of old steel cylinders is around 500 to 600 rupees varying in different states and also due to fluctuations in the international market. These cylinders would be free from corrosion. resistant to UV rays from the sun as well as transparent so that users would be able to clearly observe the volume of cooking LPG gas inside it. Currently, the Ujjawala Yojna scheme launched by PM Modi in 2016 has benefited about 5 million BPL families in India. The price of this cylinder may even fall if it comes under a government scheme.