Here’s Your G-Code To Hack Into Netflix And Watch The Movies You’ve Always Wanted!


Evidently, it is pretty hectic and unwanting to hobble through the enormous number of movies and TV shows available on Netflix. The reason being, while there is a lot of great stuff on there, there are also a lot of movies and TV shows that a person should never spend time watching.

The valid news is that Netflix has a backdoor master list of categories that are much more niche than the big buckets like Action, Drama, Documentaries, etc.

As first discovered by What’s On Netflix, there is a way to access all these hidden categories to help you figure out what to watch.

And as always we are to your rescue:

First, create an account or sign in directly into the movie portal if you have one already! Then, using your browser, go to the following URL and swap out the ### with the code in the list below.

Somewhat like:

…and bang! You will get a list of all the TV shows that settle into that category.

Some of the essential category codes include:

Zombie Horror Movies: 75405
Quirky Romance: 36103
Dark Comedies: 869
Disney: 67673
Political Thrillers: 10504
TV Comedies: 10375

They even have numerous categories crumbled out for children based on age:

Movies for ages 0 to 2: 6796

Movies for ages 2 to 4: 6218

Movies for ages 5 to 7: 5455

Movies for ages 8 to 10: 561

Movies for ages 11 to 12: 6962

So, next time you switch into your account, do follow these steps and open your own realms of happiness (movies, we say)!