Here is how Brilliant People Get Things Done!


When a person thinks of achieving a goal, he sits down with a pen and a paper and start jotting down steps on how to achieve that goal. But if you think practically, there is nothing that you can start just by making up a plan. There are very few people who make plans and follow them and they seem magical to us.

Have you seen the life of an athlete? Have you ever thought how they prepare for such exclusive competitions? And we at the same time unable to accomplish our destined goals and then suddenly realise that the time has passed by.

The main problem is our approach. The approach consists of first planning and then executing. A person can’t execute with a certain amount of planning. Now what? We start planning and then spend half of the energy in figuring out a perfect plan, though after that Execution merely happens. We not only ignore doing it, but also waste most of the energy in planning. Later then that planning starts looking like a burden.

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The main key is to begin with a routine. Of course! That is definitely what athletes do. They follow a routine. Imagine you want to start a side business but till now you had been planning it now. You have some serious ideas in your mind but have never taken that initial step in that direction. What if you started with one habit alone? This would become your routine and slowly you would want to add up to your routine.

You can start all this by jotting down on a paper. Write down tasks from the beginning and include it in your routine and then just follow one easy task. If you have less space in your routine then you need to declutter and remove unnecessary things that are not helping you achieve your goal. It could be minimising your social media time or including a diet that would keep you energised throughout the day. This is it, now you can try it for yourself.