These Habits Are Holding You Back From Success


All are in a chase to unlock the secret to success. Maybe its luck, talent or hard work and maybe it is the combination of the three. You are reading books about success, what training you need, how to master a skill or adopt a habit yet you seem to be heading nowhere. Success still seems a little far off. Could something be holding you back from success? That something especially being in you.

Here are habits and signs that are holding you back from success.

You are a pushover

You work hard and propose the best ideas. You excel in whatever you do but if you allow others to twist your arm and you give in easily your potentials will not be fully recognized. You may be pushed into doing things you don’t like, or extra work. Maybe you are easily agreeing to do things that you never wanted to do.

You are delaying tasks

You procrastinate, like a lot. The most challenging or boring task needs a lot of attention effort and willpower which you feel intimidated about and postpones on doing. Your life seems like a series of “I’ll do it later” which makes you lose the opportunity that you have in the moment.

You cant take decisions

Not the big decisions that have drastic consequences but the everyday life choices. You just can’t decide what you want to eat, where you want to eat, which movie you want to watch or what ideas you liked more in a meeting. Indecisiveness makes you waste your energy and time. Successful people quickly weigh the pros and cons of a situation and make quick decisions and stick by their choice.

You hold grudges

If you are someone who finds pride in being an evil bitch who always gets back at people who hurt you then you should start self-reflecting. It is a negative energy that bounds you away from success. You don’t know how to forgive and forget but you are more of a tit for tat person.

You don’t spare time to take care of yourself relax and unwind

In your desperation to be on the top, you miss out on doing the things that relax you gives you time to self-reflect. You overdo things and block out all your personal relationships. Remember your mind works the best when it is free and happy. Also if you are not fit enough to work with your full potential you will fall short of what requires you to find success.

You spend too much time on social media

Unless your work is related to social media, endless scrolling is going to keep you from success. You waste time, energy, feel socially pressured and anxious.

You are very comfortable

Being happy with a job is good news. But if you are doing the comfy work for a long time and haven’t really grown maybe you are just too comfortable. You need to leave your comfort zone, seek challenges to breakthrough.

You’re scared of risks

Achievements are impossible without investing in risks. When you are too afraid to choose the unconventional path, difficult options, of people, of looking like a fool, it will be too hard to find success. When you risk doing something difficult success may show up easily in partnership with conquering all the fears.