This Ghazi Boy Has Cut His Arm To Complete The Blue Whale Challenge But Eventually Saved!


A student of class 11 of Saidpur in Ghazipur district went to his school toilet on Thursday to complete the 13th task of Blue Whale game and came out crying with a bleeding hand.

The Doctors said:

The boy had tattooed a whale on his left hand with a compass!

later when observed deeply, the school manager Soumya Prakash immediately informed the boy’s family and police about the incident.

According to reports, when the police questioned the boy, he told them that a few days back, he went to a cyber cafe and secretly started playing the Blue Whale Challenge.

To complete the Blue Whale task, he went inside his school toilet. The admin of the game used to give him a new task every day and he had to give every detail of the task to the admin, he told the police. He also revealed that the admin told him he would kill his parents if he didn’t perform the tasks.

Now even after the Blue Whale developers were arrested, the ripples of this game seem to have reached more than what can be controlled and the sharing of this life-endangering game has already taken so many innocent lives.
What we can we do is to refrain any possible unknown links to avoid this pain and wait till the accused are executed by the book.