Gagaoolala – Enters India WithcSoutheast Asia’s First LGBTQ Focused Online Video Streaming Platform


The Tapei-based company is reportedly planning to make an entry with Southeast Asia’s first LGBTQ– exclusive video online streaming service. The company is owned by Portico Media, which together runs the Taiwan International Queer Film Festival and Queermosa Awards. It is currently available in 13 different countries across the world.

Gagaoolala is formed by the combination of two slangs that are meant to describe two gay people in Taiwan. One of the major reasons the company provides for its launch in India is the rapid expansion of the payment technologies and internet in the country and calls it the “Perfect time”. “It’s a very exciting territory for us. In India, we are hoping to not just stream our service but also find local producers and directors that we can collaborate with,” added Lin.

There are a lot of different and varies plans coming from the company’s side. One of them includes providing pay for individual content, which is quite a lot different from the monthly subscription plan that is provided by the other competitors in the market today and will also gather a wider audience. However, speaking of the monthly fee the online video streaming platform can be enjoyed at an amount price of $6.99, along with it they have also got a plan of 150k registrations stored in the free plan.

Lin is not just specific to showcasing series or documentaries but is also enthusiastic about working with the feature filmmakers across the countries in Asia, so that he can open the path to produce original LGBTQ productions.

“In order to survive, we need subscriptions and revenue but at the same time we want to bring in movies that don’t just entertain but educate and make an impact in politics and policy,” said Lin.

There has been the amazing and positive verdict of the recognition received by the Supreme Court in India, for the LGBTQ motion. The Sec 377was scrapped in the month of September last year. This also saw a new wave in the country, where the Tier 2 cities like Lucknow and Bhopal had observed pride parades.

On the other hand, the Transgender Bill that was passed in the Lok Sabha, last year in the month of December had received harsh criticism by the Transgender activists along with the civil society organizations. The day Lok Sabha passed the bill, has been called a Black Day by the Transgender activists.