Few Cheesy Texts Men Send Those Women Find Really Annoying


It is always said that in order to keep your love life easy going, you need to regularly whisper sweet nothings to your loved ones. Men also know that most of the times women love to hear those loving conversations.


Women usually like to hear those earnest expressions each time, but we sure as hell don’t fancy the men in our lives to go over the top.

Earnest expressions in no way translate to cheesy stuff that you feel would please your girlfriend. Too much of this make people cringe. This is because even though, women like sappy stuff is said to be a myth, the below mentioned scenarios will surely help you to believe what is right and what is not.

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Here, few examples of various conversations those are held between a girl and a guy are listed. Check them out and be sure to stay far away from such expressions at all times:

1) “Let me love you baby, I am right man for you

One must never say these things to someone either in person or on text. Was this line taken from an overtly girly, teenage chick flick? “Soulmates”? Even women have moved on from that concept now. Where has this guy been? Space?


No, your heart beats in your body, and your girl’s in hers. This is making my face twist in such horrid ways, I can only imagine what it must have done to the girl who actually received it!

Give me a quick one, baby” that’s a whole different level of cringe fest right there. I have got one word for you – AVOID. Don’t do this to yourself.

Ew. Some might say ‘aww so sweet’, but I want to differ. Guys, this is total crap. Who talks like that? No, who likes to be spoken to in that way? I am pretty sure that none of the women I know would ever want to hear this.

Guys, I mean it when I say it, please stay far, very far away from such “cheesy” messages. Drop that temptation before it takes over you.

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