Fascinating Things Bill Gates Shared In His Reddit Chat


Bill Gates after sponsoring his own Christmas miracle through the Reddit’s Secret Santa program sat down for the site’s one of the widely famous Ask Me Anything sessions. In his first interview since the transition from Microsoft’s chairman to a technology advisor role, he shared about his favorite gadgets and hobbies and offered advised to the aspiring entrepreneurs. He repeats about his commitment to the many charitable causes around the world.

Here are seven of the fascinating things Gates shared in his Reddit Chat.

How his work ethics have evolved

Gates shares how he would not think twice and would stay in the office for days at a time 20 years ago. His sense of time management has mellowed over the time and with wisdom. He explains that in his new role he would spend two-thirds of his time in Foundation and one-third on Microsoft. He will be mostly focusing on product work.

Gates’ expensive guilty pleasure? A private plane

He explains that without it he won’t be able to navigate to a lot of places for Foundation work. As for his favorite gadget, he is a fan of the Surface 2 Pro surprisingly. Gates says that one of the luxuries he did not consider is the artificially prolonging his life. He shares that he wouldn’t want to extend his last few years unless it is happening to most people.

Gates believes technology’s ability to change the world

Gates discussed during the AMA, about both his work with TerraPower to reveal reliable and low-cost energy alternatives and also a proposed new condom design which can reduce thickness by utilizing nanotubes.

Gates shares that balancing business and philanthropy has been a process

On being asked whether successful business founders should first succeed in order to give back Gates stated that he began his extensive charitable work only later in his career. He adds that just building an innovative company is a huge contribution to the world.

Gates thinks the cloud has untapped potential

He shares how he finds it exciting how the cloud and new devices help us communicate and collaborate. He believes it still needs to be a lot richer envisioning that rather than basic information files the cloud should be akin to a colorful historical record such as looking back on one’s childhood memories.

Gates has old-fashioned hobbies

He says that his hobbies are more traditional which includes playing bridge and watching his daughter ride horses. He also considers washing dishes every night as a favored pastime as he likes the way he does it and accepts no ones offer to do it.

Charity is Gates center of universe

He spiced up the conversation with references to his tireless charity work. His immediate goals are to improve the education system by helping teachers. He describes the children who die due to malnutrition and vaccination deficiencies as the greatest tragedy. The incredible issue of the injustice of the immigration system is another of the matter close to his heart.

(Photo Credit: Smart Company, businessinsider, independent, reddit)