Your Entrepreneurial Dream Now Backed Up By IIM, Rohtak!


Have you ever seen an entrepreneurial dream: like, having dreamt of quitting that day job to make actual progress on that dream idea? Since you are reading this idea you must have we assume.

So, how do you see entrpreneurship? What makes you think if there is something entrepreneurial inside you? And where to learn anything about it, in case, you are a complete no-voice!

Entrepreneurship in India today is a recent phenomenon that has mushroomed and is perhaps one of the most brooding areas in the business arena.

Although it is not easy, because the space is now extremely crowded which makes the the competition intense.

And with most of the new entrepreneurs coming from top notch business schools like IIMs and engineering institutes like IITs and NITs, how does your profile stack up against theirs? And what can you do about it?

Well you see, entrepreneurship is all about building a bright idea into a successful business and now you have an entrepreneurship program that is backed by an IIM certificate.

The Executive Program in Entrepreneurship from IIM Rohtak can now put you on the same level with the best and the brightest in the Indian startup ecosystem.

With this program, you will learn all you require to know about starting your own venture. The areas you will be learning are:

  • Opportunity Identification

  • Starting Your Own Business

  • Developing an Effective Business Model

  • Funding and Finance

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Business Growth

  • Talent Acquisition and Management

  • Environment and Sustainability

  • Exit strategies for a New Venture and Trends in India

But the biggest highlight of this program is that it gives you a real life opportunity unlike any other.

Upon completion of the program, apart from learning every tits and bits of start up culture: you will be getting a real time oppurtunity to present your entire case and proposition to a panel of international investors.

In fact, this might be the only program that gives you a real world opportunity to win funding from international venture capitalists and kick-start your venture right at the completion of the program.

Moreover, this Executive Professional Development Program in Entrepreneurship will also help you to obtain a dual benefit of having an IIM tag as well as a global investor pitching oppurtunity in the very iniation of your entrepreneurial career.