7 Employees Kidnapped Their Boss After Not Getting Salary In Bengaluru


Employees wait for their salaries on the last day of the month, while the company delays the salaries and annoys them, which breaks their patience and results in bad times. A similar case has emerged from Karnataka too. Several employees of a private company kidnapped their boss for not getting salaries for several months. The police have arrested four people in this case till now. According to the police, a person named Sujay runs a private company in the Halasuru area of ​​Bangalore. The employees have alleged that he had not paid his salary for the past seven months after which they kidnapped him.

The staff did not get salaries for nearly seven months. At the same time, there was no satisfactory answer from the management side too. Seven employees planned to kidnap their boss and bring out the salary. After kidnapping the boss these employees even tortured him.

On March 21, seven employees kidnapped their boss and took him to a friend’s house. During this process, they beat their boss and demand for salaries. Sujay was released only when he agreed to pay the salary. After leaving, he rushed and lodged a complaint in police station. At present, four out of seven employees have been arrested, the rest are still in search. The police are engaged in the investigation of the case and are looking for the remaining three abductors.

According to the media report, the victim’s boss, after being kidnapped, tried to commit suicide by eating drugs and tablets. With the intention of earning salaries from the company, the former employees kidnapped their boss for two-times.

But after suicide attempts, when he was taken to the hospital, the police got information that Sujay had consumed 30 tablets and rat poison. After the incident, Sujay got frustrated and had lost his hopes from life. Ulsur Police has registered a case of kidnapping, assault and criminal conspiracy against the seven employees The police arrested Rakesh, Niranjan, Sanjay, and Darshan from among the seven accused in this case. The police are still searching for the other three accused.