Elon Musk’s Space X Now Visions To Put Humans On Mars As Early As 2024


Put every single human foundation on one side and vision of Elon Musk on another, the latter always outdoes anything that we think is humanly existent.

While taking everyone by a surprize, Elon Musk has recently unveiled his plans to put humans on Mars as early as 2024 under his famous magnum opus called the Space X.

Also, it intends to reduce the flight times on Earth with its most powerful rocket by completing even the longest flight on our home planet within an hour.

Reportedly, Elon Musk has made this major announcement on the final day of the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC).

Musk, who also is the CEO of the advanced automotive company Tesla said further:

SpaceX is also aiming for deploying machine-based cargo missions to the Red Planet in 2022 and crew up with human-filled cargo by 2024.

With its fully reusable BFR rocket which Musk intends to use eventually for the international flights on Earth and then carrying humans to Mars.

I can’t emphasize enough how profound this is and how important this is. The new BFR has the highest-capacity payload of any rocket ever built, meaning it has the lowest launch cost, due to its status as a fully reusable rocket while also being the most powerful.

-said Elon.

It’s really crazy that we build these sophisticated rockets and then crash them every time we fire.The new BFR could carry a 40-carriage spaceship to Mars with two or three people occupying each carriage.

The rocket is reportedly capable of flying from Earth to the Moon and back without refueling.

Other plans with the super-rocket include creating a substantial base on the Moon, that will be called the Moon Base Alpha.

The essential funding and expenditure for the BFR development will come from SpaceX’s satellite and International Space Station (ISS) revenue.

Musk further concluded:

The rocket could travel from New York City to Shanghai in 37 minutes at a maximum speed of 28,968 km/h.

So basically, the BFR will be abke to take you anywhere on Earth in less than 60 minutes. As we said, this genius man is one hell of a visionary!