These DIY Home Remedies Can Help You Get Rid Of Weak Eyesight


Weak eyesight is a problem that is faced by many of us and across ages. We often blame too much watching of TV and playing games on mobiles and computers for this. The problem is such that no one can ignore this and we rush to the ophthalmologist once we find out that we are having problem seeing.

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But did you know that there were certain DIY home remedies that can help you get rid of weak eyesight? 


The king of fruits, mangoes are indeed great for our eyesight, be it in form of juices, pulp, slices or any mango dish. Eat as many mangoes as you can while they are in season as they are great for improving eyesight – and not just that, they are great for your taste buds too.


Carrots contain lutein, an important antioxidant. Lutein-rich foods are known to increase the density of pigment in the macula, the yellow-shaped oval area in the center of the retina. As pigment density increases, the retina is protected more and the risk for macular degeneration decreases.

Carrot provides many benefits for healthy vision, but eating carrots every day will not restore vision to 20/20. Optical deformities like astigmatism, conditions like strabismus and diseases like glaucoma cannot be corrected by eating Bugs Bunny’s food of choice.


This is a very simple technique. Just rub your palms together and lightly place your palms over your closed eyes without applying too much pressure. Carry out this procedure out 4-5 times a day to get the best results.

Consuming pepper with honey

It is a very spicy combination but this remedy can majorly help in improving your eyesight. Take a spoon of honey and take a pinch of pepper powder, shut your eyes and eat it. Keep doing this daily for a couple of months and we promise you major improvement.


You already knew this, didn’t you? Soak 5-10 almonds in water and leave it overnight. Peel the skin of the almonds and make a fine paste and put that paste in a glass of warm milk. Continue this practice for a few months and see the results yourself. Since almonds are rich in Vitamin E and contain great antioxidant content it helps in concentration and memory.

Eye exercises

Last but not the least is some simple eye exercises. All you’ve got to do is roll your eyes clockwise and then anticlockwise slowly. Make sure that after you complete one set you blink a couple of times. Keep repeating this 4-5 times a day and you’re sorted. This is surely going to help you to improve your weak eyesight.

These simple yet useful DIY remedies are sure to help you get better eyesight, so which one are you trying today? 

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