The Most Logical Answer to Whey Protein in Milk or In Water


If you have ever been to a gym you know what whey protein is. And if you know what whey is you also may be familiar with the question of how to consume it. Some believe it should be consumed with milk while others profess to mix it with water. And if you go about researching for some answers on Google search, YouTube videos or such you will be further confused. Let’s put a rest to the age-old riddle.

So you should know that the manufacturers of the supplement want you to finish your supplements soon. They push you to consume it with water instead of milk and there’s a reason behind it. Suppose you need 30 gms of protein after your workout and you add a glass of milk instead of your whey protein. This will help make the supplement last longer as milk provides up to 8 to 10 gms of protein. However, the supplement companies want you to purchase another tub of whey ASAP and want you to finish off soon. Get it?

What happens when you add a scoop of it to milk

You create a blend of slow and fast acting protein as milk is 80 % Casein protein. And protein blends are better than very fast or slow relesaong proteins. A study showed that a mixture of soya whey and milk is better than whey alone. The speed of protein digestion and absorption takes place on a cellular level inside the body which is too difficult to predict.

Some of you are simply wasting your money 

There are many muscle building enthusiasts who don’t intake whey protein in their diet. And it doesn’t mean that they are not able to afford it or aren’t as serious about muscle building. They are just trying to complete their protein requirements by food itself which a lot of us don’t.

Lot of fitness professionals depend on full solid mean post workout and vegan athlets wont even touch whey. And if you find fitness models selling supplements know that they were sponsored to do the ad, they get paid to do it.

Marketing and adverstising has made you to believe that you need fast acting protein and give you the body you want. However it doesn’t mean you should give up on whey.

We are not trying to condemn whey consumption here, it is indeed a great source of high quality protein. However the belief that you should be drinking only whey protein is a misleading thought. Egg whites, chicken breast or turkey can also be consumed after workout.


As long as you are not on a Ketogenic diet you can add milk.

Bulking or cutting has nothing to do with mixing whey with milk or not.

A blend of slow and fast acting protein is better than whey consumed alone.

Unless you wish to replace the colorie intake from milk with other foods you don’t have to give up your creamy milk protein shake.

Taking the supplement protein in milk no way means you would be wasting it.

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