Coronavirus: PM Modi Announces Complete Lock-down of India For 21 Days

Once again, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 8 pm! 

PM Modi stated that from midnight, 21 days of lock down would get imposed in the whole country. 

Earlier, the Prime Minister announced the Janta curfew while addressing the country on 19 March. 

PM Modi stated that “This will be stricter than previously imposed Janta curfew and will be of 21 days. People of India will have to forget what it means to go out for these 21 days. These 21 days will define the future and lives of Indian people. Not taking precautionary measures will take the country 21 years back!”

“Social Distancing” – Only key for preventing coronavirus

social distancing

Modi further said- social distancing means staying away from each other. There is no other way to avoid coronavirus. Social distancing is the only key to break the chain of coronavirus infection. Some people are still under the misconception that social distancing is only necessary for the patient; this, but it isn’t correct. Social distancing is for every citizen and every family. Negligence and wrong thinking of some people will put the lives of children, your parents, family, friends, and the whole country in a complicated situation.

coronavirus vaccine

Prime Minister also thanked the doctors, medical staff, police personnel, workers who are engaged in essential services amid the Corona outbreak. Moreover, PM stated that “I request people not to take any medicine during the symptoms of this disease, without the advice of doctors. Any mess can put life in more danger.” Now, to strengthen the health infrastructure of the country for the treatment of corona infected patients, the central government has allocated Rs 15 thousand crores.

PM Modi in his speech repeated the instruction – “Stay at home, stay at home, and do the same thing to keep at home.” Today’s decision will lead to a nationwide lock down drawing a “Lakshman Rekha” at the door of your house.