Coronavirus: Billionaires Around The World Witnessed Dip In Their Net Worth


Coronavirus has profoundly impacted the global economy, and its effect is seen in the stock markets around the world, including India. Billionaires around the world have witnessed a significant dip in their total net worth.

Here are some affected billionaires –
Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO)

The richest man in the world and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has also come and lost $ 7 billion in his wealth. According to media reports, Jeff Bezos’ assets have decreased from $ 117 billion to $ 110 billion in just one day. As of now, his current wealth is $ 104.4 billion.

Bill Gates (Microsoft)

Microsoft co-founder Bill gates net worth witnessed a loss of 5.09%. His total net worth slipped to US$99.2 billion. Just a few days ago, Bill Gates also resigned from the position of the board of directors! It’s noteworthy that Bill gates have so far donated US$35.8 billion to his charitable foundation run by him and his wife for social welfare.

Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, after losing US$5.2 billion, is now US$71.5 billion. The net percentage loss is 6.83 percent. Notably, Warren Buffett has pledged to give away his 99% of a fortune for charity.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO)

If someone thinks that due to coronavirus, only manufacturing, retail, service are most affected, then one needs to consider again. Even social media platforms are witnessing huge losses. The net worth of Mark Zuckerberg fell to US$57.4 billion after seeing a decline of 9.05 percent. Recently Facebook started an initiative to collect $10 million to fight against coronavirus pandemic.

Mukesh Ambani

Asia’s richest person and founder of reliance Mukesh Ambani’s net worth dropped down by 7.47%. His total net worth has reduced US$40.4 billion from US$3.3 billion. Reliance Industries Limited Group has a significant invasion in the oil business and has been suffering huge losses since the beginning of this year due to the fall in crude oil prices. Reliance shares fell 9 percent to the lowest price of Rs 1,049.50 level this week.

Jack Ma (Alibaba Group)

Former executive chairperson of global e-commerce giant Jack Ma’s net worth dropped to US$39.4 billion. He lost US$1.7 billion due to the current global pandemic, which affected Ali Baba. He is currently Asia’s 2nd wealthiest person after Mukesh Ambani.

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